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Tubular Skylight


Tubular Skylight

Key Features:

  • Seamless, .080 Commercial Grade Aluminum
  • Unique condensation release dome design with factory fastened stress collar
  • Choice of prismatic or soft white diffusers in either curved or flat panel styles

Certifications and Warranty:

  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • Hurricane Tested and Rated
  • ICC-ES Listed
  • NAMI Participant—Quality Assurance Program
  • 25-Year Warranty


  • Mill-finished Aluminum Flat Roof or Curb Mount Flashing
  • Security Bar
  • Dimmer with remote control
  • Dual and Single Light Kits for nighttime lighting

Commercial Tubular Skylights

Available in Open Ceiling, Finished Ceiling, and Drop Ceiling Models

Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, and Curb Mount Units Available to accommodate any type of roof. Tru-Lite’s Commercial tubular skylights use a highly light efficient miro-finish light pipe which transmits sunlight with 98% reflectivity while blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. And due to the large amount of light transmitted, these unit are not recommended for residential use but work well in retail space, schools, warehouses, and offices.

Sizing and Dimensions

Model Coverage Wattage
21" up to 700 sf up to 1,450 watts